Recent Placements

We believe recruiting is personal.

We’re in the relationship business and if we do our job right, everyone wins. Candidate / Client / Us. If we get it wrong, we all feel the pain.

We have a simple goal. To build the companies that build Boston. If we are successful our clients and candidates are excited by the result, Happy People

Check out some of our recent placements.

Project Executive $130,000+ Developer Multi-family
Estimator $175,000+ GC Commerical
Controller $125,000 GC Commerical
Project Manager, Design $110,000 GC Commerical
Assistant Project Manager $70,000 Sub TI
Project Manager $105,000 Sub Commerical
Superintendent $115,000 GC Commercial
Assistant Project Manager $75,000 GC Multi-unit Residential
Superintendent $92,000 GC TI/Colleges
Assistant Project Manager $65,000 Production Builder Single Family Subdivision
Superintendent $100,000 GC Commerical
Senior Project Manager $150,000 Sub MEP
Senior Project Manager $95,000 Subcontractor Millwork
Senior Project Manager $110,000 Subcontractor Glass & Aluminum
Assistant Superintendent $65,000 GC Institutional/College
Senior Estimator $165,000 GC Multi-unit Residential
Project Manager $93,000 Subcontractor MEP
Senior Estimator $105,000 GC Commercial
Senior Project Manager $137,500 Developer Multi-family
Snr Program Manager $145,000 Owner Rep Retail/Banking
Project Manager $75,900 GC TI/Colleges
Service Manager $80,000 Builder Custom Homes
Superintendent $89,000 GC Commercial/Heavy MEP
Assistant Project Manager $66,000 Developer Multi-family
Project Manager $120,000 GC Retail/Hospitality
Business Development $185,000 GC Commercial
Senior Project Manager $130,000 GC Commercial/Multi-unit Residential
Business Development $139,000 GC Commercial
Superintendent $110,000 GC Commercial
Assistant Project Manager $66,700 GC Retail/Institutional
Electrical Estimator $85,000 Subcontractor Electrical