Our Values

Honesty – Nobody likes to give bad news, but we believe in being honest and upfront with information. On the flipside, everybody likes a “good news” phone call.

Profitable – Opportunities must be profitable for candidates, clients and us. Profit is the driver that keeps the engine moving forward.

Relationships – Recruitment is about relationships. Our success depends on the strength of our relationships with candidates and clients. Our goals are always to repeat business and referrals.

Largesse – Noun: generosity in bestowing money or gifts upon others. We believe there is always enough work for everyone in our team to be successful and as such collaboration is key.

Fun – If you don’t like guitars, this place is not for you. We work hard and like to have a good laugh while we are doing it. If you’ve got jokes, like to debate and play an instrument, we have a desk waiting for you.

No Jokers – It’s simple, play nice and we’ll all get along.