What Clients Can Expect From Us

Candidate Marketing – We’ll help you invest in the only working capital that doesn’t depreciate – your human capital. We’ll identify and connect with desirable candidates, share your company story and increase brand awareness with the goal of driving candidate engagement.

Social outreach – using our database, sourcing our networks and scouring social media we’ll find the right candidate profile for your team.

Timeliness – We are in a “talent scarcity market” (candidate driven market), so it’s key to move quickly on good candidates. We encourage timely feedback on candidate presentations to ensure talent doesn’t feel “slighted” if they don’t’ hear back quickly. We’ve seen clients lose out on top talent because their sense of urgency was not in alignment with the candidate’s desire to make a move. When considering top talent, it’s safe to assume you’re not their only suitor, especially in our current market.

Trust – We’ll earn your trust by being honest and straightforward with you at all times, and sometimes that’ll mean pushing back on candidates or asking you to think outside the box.

Communication – Before we do business, we’ll visit your office to see the physical space, meet the team and discuss your needs in detail. We’ll invest time up front to understand your unique value proposition and culture to ensure we are the best solution for your staffing needs. Ongoing communication typically is in-person, via Skype, email, texting and phone.

Focus –We don’t believe in being all things to all people. This means we’re strategic about who we work with, and how many engagements we work on at any one time.

Fees – There will be no surprises at the end of the recruiting process. We discuss our fees and set reasonable expectations upfront and request you do the same. We are in the business of negotiating so if there is something to talk about, let’s do it when we establish the search, not when the candidate has accepted your offer.

Guarantees – We have a 3-month placement guarantee from the candidate’s acceptance of your offer. If the candidate leaves for any reason other than a shortage of work or illegal activity, we’ll replace the candidate at no additional charge.

What Candidates Can Expect From Us

Dedication – We’ll take the time to get to know your personal needs and career goals. We want to help our candidates realize their potential by finding them challenging and fulfilling work with great companies.

Feedback – We’ll tell you like it is. Good, bad and ugly.


Support – We want to help you grow your career where you’ll consider us to be your career agent for the long haul. Sometimes our candidates even become our clients!

Trends & updates – We’ll help you stay current on industry trends and benchmarks, etc. We’re here if you need us.