Semi-Retired Candidates

Every client is looking for construction professionals – with little or no success. But the market is tapped out. And, adding insult to injury, any interested candidates are asking for obscene salaries to make a move. Recently, to fill this gap, Construction recruiters has started to interview & recruit proven industry professionals who are either semi-retired or are tapering off their careers. Typical, these candidates are no longer interested in the day-to-day company grind or corporate politics of full time employment. But they are wide open to contracts where they undertake and complete a single project, over a given period, on a 1099 or contractual basis. Often, they receive medical / insurance benefits from a spouse or other source, they own their own pickup, laptop, cellphones etc. They are simple, uncomplicated hires who thru experience, know every trick in the book. In the current tight talent pool, this can be a great, un-tapped pool of candidates. So, whether you are a client or a candidate, if you find this interesting, please give call to discuss. 617 216-3666. ask for Colm